Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Daze

Hey you guys, have you heard the news!? I mean, I'm sure no has mentioned the fact that my hometown got over a foot of snow dumped on it in less than 20 hours. I'm sure you haven't heard anyone call the blizzard of 2011 the Snowpocalypse or Snowmageddon.  I'm sure you haven't noticed the lack of salt, sand, and snowplows.... seeing as how this is Oklahoma. I'm sure you haven't noticed that the whole state has been out of commission for almost a week. And I'm sure you are not aware of any of this BECAUSE NOT A SINGLE FRIGGIN' PERSON IN THE WHOLE CITY HAS LEFT THEIR HOUSES IN 5 DAYS.... 

Now, please, don't get me wrong, I like love the snow more than anything else in the world. It's so whimsical, peaceful, and simply pretty, but my spirit is officially breaking. Nope.... wait for it.... it just broke. I can't take this anymore.

Let me tell you how the past snow-week has played out.

Day 1: My dad got his car stuck on the off ramp of the highway on his way home from work. A man driving a monster truck in cowboy boots and a fur lined stetson hat was kind enough to give my dad a ride. All in all, entertaining myself is a breeze this first day. Between watching the weather, movies, and staring at the winter wonderland being created before my eyes, life is dandy. Besides, I know my classes will be canceled for the week. I am in heaven.

Only a few hours into the storm, and my driveway has gone missing.
Day 2: Today is Groundhog's Day. I'm pretty sure Punxsatawney Phil never got a chance to see his shadow because the damn thing froze to death. The world is turning into Narnia.  Boredom has set in. I shovel my 2 car driveway complete with 5 foot snow drifts. My shoulders aim to make me miserable for the rest of the week. I pick up my dad's car from its resting place on the side of the street. The roads have yet to be touched by snowplows, and I realize I am not leaving the house again for a while when my friend tells me her neighbors snowplow got stuck in her driveway. My dog, however, is over the friggin' moon. I have never seen a creature love snow so much in my entire life. I still have hope.

Day 3: My plans to pick up a friend and share my misery have been dashed when I realize that the roads are only getting more and more awful. I have watched every movie I own. I start rummaging the house for tequila. No such luck. At least I have Grey's Anatomy and Community to look forward to.

Day 4: I have read every book that I own. I nap and dream of the day when I get to see humans again. When I wake up, I venture out to take my dog to her chemo appointment. The roads are still beyond miserable. It's the shits outside, and it looks like a zombie apocalypse. Cars are strewn into ditches every 15 feet. People are ambling through the snow drifts to get to the nearest corner store. We finally get to the vet's office and my dog hates her life. When we leave, it begins to snow again and I hate my life. It takes an hour to drive less than 6 miles.
More Snow
Day 5: The sun comes out to play!!!! I actually write my lesson plans for the next 2 weeks just to keep occupied. I look outside to see the snow turn to slush only to realize that it will refreeze tonight and stay frozen until Thursday. The lump in my throat has turned to sheer lunacy. My dog doesn't understand what is happening. I consider putting on a full production of Good Will Hunting with her because I must have watched it 20 times this week. I would be Matt Damon and she would obviously be Robin Williams.... She is plenty furry enough for the role.
Chloe finds solace in her hedgehog.
Also, more snow tomorrow, Monday, and up to another half a foot on Wednesday. I blink back tears, and swallow my pride because who doesn't love a little snow after all?

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  1. love the cute pictures! You look so beautiful! I love you Jenny!