Friday, June 17, 2011

Miss Misery

Okay, Okay... So maybe you all are sick of hearing about how much I miss everyone from Ionian Village. But, if you let me explain myself (or if my previous post wasn't proof enough), you would see that there are some perfectly validated reasons as to why I would lie down in traffic to get to go back tomorrow.

Reason #1. I miss sitting around and talking for 3+ hours for every meal. People just don't do that here.

2. I miss having Konstantine order our meals for us. Now when sitting at a restaurant, I am overcome with a sense of dread from my impending decision making.

3. I miss the dry heat. Oklahoma really sucks in the summer/always. Humidity is the bane of my existence.

4. I miss the tour bus. I slept so hard on that thing, it was like mobile Ambien. I'm like a case-study for insomnia now that I'm home. I also miss the parties in the back of that bus.

5. I miss counting the times a day in which John would find an excuse to take his shirt off.


6. I miss walking into a Church and literally not being able to speak. I couldn't describe the things I saw if I tried.

7. I miss laughing all day 'til my cheeks hurt. Every other thing out of everyone's mouths was hilarious.

8. I miss imagining what kinds of adventures the twins were getting themselves into.

9.  I miss the sea. The closest I get to the sea here is when I fill my sink with water to wash my face.

10. I miss Father Chris' Greek language lessons... Particularly his lesson on ordering water finding a life partner.

11. I miss the bartenders loving me. I forgot how expensive the bars here are.... Especially when you don't get 4 rounds of shots or 3 bottles of wine on the house.

12. I miss Helen's impromptu dance lessons and Sophia's turtle stories. Both are equally entertaining.

 *Note: No photograph could do either of these things justice.

13. I miss the whitewashed campgrounds. Everything was so simple and so quintessentially Greek.

14. I miss seeing something that impacted my faith every single day whether it be a relic, an icon, a Holy Mountain, or even just a chat in the woods.

15. I miss everyone. The 17 best friends that anyone ever had.

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  1. Kudos on another great writing and a great selection of photos!