Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Scaredy Cat

I'd like to think I'm a pretty brave soul compared to the average bear, (have you ever seen me freak out?) but the truth is, I have more phobias than you'd probably think. Psychologists often say phobias are deeply rooted in a childhood experience that has quite literally scarred us for life. I wonder what happened to me as a kid to make me the way I am. Let's examine this.


1. Heights- I really can't think of how this came about---- oh wait, I lied. I can only imagine that driving up mountains in Greece, on a Greyhound bus, on roads that barely fit a Smart-Car, and generally sans guardrails would  leave you with a lasting impression. I mean, how can the same people that invented democracy and philosophy be so lax on public safety?
Okay, okay... So maybe this isn't in Greece.
Looks familiar enough for my taste, though.

2. June bugs- They look like roaches, but they fly in your hair. Who doesn't hate them?

3. Super dark/cramped places- My brother used to lock me in the bathroom before I could reach the lights and threaten to say "Candyman" three times. Freud would be allllllllll over this.
How was I even aware that this movie existed at 4 yrs?

4. The ocean- Okay, so I'm not technically afraid of the water. I mean, you couldn't keep me out of it if you tried. It's just the thought that things could be swimming right next to or under me that freaks the hell out of me. I actually like water that I can't see super clearly in. Ignorance is bliss in my book. I think this fear was established at the age of four, when I went on the "Jaws" ride at Universal Studios. Who's idea was that? Oh yeah... probably mine. I actually think I loved it. I'm such a masochist.
Family Fun for everyone!!!
5. Fire- I hate fire. I don't even light matches. Rather, I can't light a match.... If I do, I go into reflex mode and blow it out/drop it asap. As far as I remember, no one tried to set me on fire as a baby, soooo I'm not sure when in my life this happened. Maybe I got burned by a sparkler one fateful Fourth of July.


F.D.R. once said that "the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself..." Well Mr. Roosevelt, you are clearly full of crap. I think fear is what keeps us from repeating the stupid things we did as a child, or better yet, it keeps us from dying young.

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  1. I wonder what FDR would do if he knew you told him he was full of crap? lol