Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Running on Greek Time...

Ugh. It's been what, 2 weeks!? Sorry for the absence, but life has taken a turn towards insanity. Between balancing school and work, Tulsa and Dallas (both Holy Trinities) celebrated their annual Greek Festivals. Greek Fests are are pretty insane in and of themselves, and Holy Trinity Tulsa had to make their 50th festival pretty extraordinary. Catering to thousands of people + dancing nonstop + working + cleaning + finding time to have a good time yourself = pretty damn hectic. Now that October has rolled to our doorsteps, I finally can find time to blog again.

Last weekend, the bestie and I traveled down to Dallas to stay with our old pal Paula, and to support their Greek Food Fest. Basically, it was a good excuse to see some old friends and have a great, care-free weekend. One of the things I love most about being part of the Denver Diocese is that pretty much anywhere you go, no matter the city or state, you're bound to have a friend.

It's kinda crazy to think that I've been a part of Tulsa's festival for almost a quarter of a century! I'm so relieved that things turned out as well as they did, especially considering that some of the Church's younger generation made the decision to step up to the plate and be committee chairpersons. It was such a fun few weeks, but I'm glad to finally have a bit of a breather.

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