Saturday, September 4, 2010

Poke-ing Around

I had a day off from school and work today, so I decided to take my best friend and visit my old college town. Although I decided to transfer to a different school after a change in majors, my time that I spent in Stillwater is pretty unforgettable. That small college party town boasts some of my most ridiculous memories. Memories that will probably go down in the "I can't believe you did that" hall of fame.

OSU's Library Lawn
Visiting Stilly made me really miss the good ol' days. I know I would go mad if I ever moved back, but sometimes you seem to forget the bad in lieu of the great. Kate, my best friend, can attest to pretty much every ridiculous story considering that she too spent most of her free-time her 1st two years of college at OSU with me..... Mind you, she attended and still attends the University of Tulsa..... I think it's safe to say that we both had a fantastic time.

The Biffle

So today, we drove the hour to OSU and spent the day with our dear friend, Meg. It was a perfect day, and we spent a few hours on campus, checking out some of my old haunting grounds. We drove down University, which is the street with all the Greek houses on it, and I was pointing out all the houses to Kate. Kate then saw an un-named house with a large crest with a serpent on the front and said, "Well, that house has a giant snake on it. It must be Slytherin..." I nearly died laughing. The worst part was, I'm still not sure that she was completely kidding.

Love me some Rocky
Scrunchies... Side ponies and all.
We then retreated to Meg and her roommate's house where we spent some quality time with this snaggle-toothed guy. We also were graced by a few OSU scrunchies provided by Meg's mom. I mean, Who doesn't love a scrunchie with your old school's colors plastered all over it.

After some dinner at our fave Thai place with Meg, her roommate, her boyfriend, and her brother, it was time to say goodbye to the place that I used to call home. All in all, It was a pretty perfect day.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA Great Post! and yes I was totally kidding about the snake thing... DUH!