Monday, August 30, 2010

Reading Between the Lines.

Today, during my 3 hour Clinical Teaching class we discussed our upcoming internships! I was really, really excited to learn about the cool things I may be able to observe, but our lecture turned out to be a Q&A between a student and a professor that went something like this...

Professor: ...."So, does any one have any questions on what to expect during your observation?"

Student: (Craning hand so high in the air her ass has actually left her seat)

Professor: "Yes, Ms. Who-shall-not-be-named,-in fear-that-the D.E.A.-may-drag-you-into-custody-before-the-week-is-over."

Student: "So, I was just wondering... will the school that I have requested to attend do a background check on me?"

Professor: "Oh, probably not. Maybe when you do your final student teaching in a few semesters or start looking for a job. Okay, any other quest----

Same Student: "Yeah, but let's say that they do ask for one, hypothetically. Will I legally be obligated to submit to a background check?"

Professor: Well, if they do ask for one, then yes. But trust me when I say that no school will require a background check for 8 days of observation. Okay? Okay. So class, next week please remember that...."

Student: "What about drug testing? I mean, what are the schools' policy on that?"

*I should note that by that point, I have literally started crying from laughter. Tears. Real tears.*

Professor: (Blissfully unaware of any impending implications from said student) "I wouldn't worry about it!"

Student: "Awesome! So to get this straight, at no time will I be asked to pee in a cup, give a blood test, or have my car searched?"...........

And just think.... These are the future teachers of your children!

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  1. Oh no. no. no. no. This is really sad and funny all at the same time!