Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First of Many

Well, here I am. 21 years old and feeling like I could be 81. It's a wonder I've gone this long without making some effort as to writing down the things that flutter around in my mind. There will be no theme or congruence to my posts, except this; they are all musing about my observations and life. Who am I, you might ask? I'm a elementary education student who loves my friends and family, dogs, winter, and literature. I have a love affair with language. Sometimes I will read my favorite books over and over and over again just to hear the sound of the words in my own head. It's ridiculous, really. That being said, there is a distinct chance that these oh-so-modern bloggings of mine might never actually be read by anyone.... Maybe that's a good thing, but at least I'm finally putting the proverbial pen to paper! Here goes nothing...

I hope you enjoy!

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